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Please be aware that self-discovery, growth, and the overall choice to seek assistance can sometimes be frustrating and uncomfortable. 


Clinical counseling (i.e., psychotherapy, therapy, counseling) helps an individual to manage or eliminate distressing symptoms to increase functioning, well-being, and/or healing. This type of treatment is short-term (e.g., 6 – 16 sessions) or long-term, depending on the issue(s). I offer short-term, telehealth services via videoconferencing.


Services nurture the growth of high-functioning and prosperous individuals.  Clients create plans and goals with me to achieve desired results.  It is the client’s choice to utilize feedback, goals, action plans, and options created together with me at their discretion. My role is not to tell the client what to do. Instead, I help guide the client to discover what one wants to do.



I utilize an integrative approach, a blend of evidenced-based orientations and practices for the best results. My approaches place emphasis on the here, now, and future to help clients identify solutions and options. There is minimal focus on past issues.


The provider values shared truthfulness, openness, trust, respect, and genuineness in the therapeutic relationship. 


I am an out-of-network provider. If you do not have out-of-network coverage, you would be responsible to pay sessions at 100% meaning the out-of-pocket cost is 100% your responsibility to cover. If you want to possibly see me using insurance, I am contracted with Path and Amwell mental health networks. Feel free to go to these websites, sign up, and search for me.



Offer a mental wellness program or health activities in the workplace to reduce stress, healthcare costs, and to increase productivity. 



Enhance your clinical skills as a masters-level or entry-level counselor. Grow professionally with an experienced clinician who values multiculturalism.



Offering short-term mental, emotional, and behavioral health services to nurture the growth of high functioning and prosperous individuals.

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